Unleash Your

inner power

I see you. You are bold, strong, and incredibly unique. But the world can sometimes leave us questioning our inner wisdom, right? I’m here to support you in shaking off that self-doubt and embracing the powerful person you are. My purpose is to guide you on a transformative journey toward self-trust, especially when it goes against the flow. It’s about exploring those brave choices that reflect who you truly are, not what life has conditioned you to be.

Breakthrough to Break Free Session

90-minute session $150 for First Time Clients!

Break Through to Break Free

Experience a transformative “Breakthrough to Break Free” session meticulously designed to shatter the obstacles standing between you and your best life. This powerful session is not just about identifying blocks but busting them wide open, it’s about setting you firmly on your path to a well-loved life. 

For first-time clients, I offer an exclusive $150 for 90-minute session, making it the perfect opportunity to start reshaping your destiny. Your journey to happiness and joy begins here. Click link to schedule.

Lisa Wilson is the secret weapon that you need to assist you in moving forward in your life. With her guidance, I cleared issues that had me stuck for over 5 years!  She provided a quick and easy process that worked within 48 hours! She is truly gifted and amazing. Thank you Lisa!

1-on-1 Coaching with Lisa – 60-minute session, $250

Feeling stuck in an unfulfilling cycle? Ready for real change?

1-on-1 Initiation with Lisa
Let me guide you toward profound transformation. Together, we’ll reshape your mindset, break old patterns, and unleash your true power. Experience a revitalized you, profoundly authentic and confident, actively curating a life of purpose and self-trust. It’s not just about progress; it’s about rising to your soul’s calling. Own your journey, set strong boundaries, and align with opportunities that elevate your purpose. By taking this ownership, watch your life transform into empowerment and genuine fulfillment. Ready to redefine your life? Join my exclusive coaching, tailored for those committed to their growth. Make the most of this opportunity. Let’s reframe your story.
Click the link to schedule your 60-minute coaching session for $250 for ongoing consultations. 1st time here? Book a $150 special Break Through to Break Free session instead! 

Soul Alignment Readings with Lisa – 90-minute session, $280

Intuitive Guidance from Your Higher Self

Soul Alignment Session

Your soul is the key to your unique life blueprint – your source of passion, purpose, and profound wisdom. In my Soul Alignment Sessions, you will unlock this treasure chest of insight, illuminating the path to success across all facets of your life, from relationships and career to finances and overall life journey. A Soul Alignment Reading isn’t just about uncovering what’s hidden; it’s about honoring the whispers of your soul, your inner compass guiding you toward fulfillment and genuine happiness. Discover the deep, core knowing of your soul’s path and purpose. Let me bridge the gap between your current state and your true calling, using divination and channeling to provide clarity and direction as guided by your soul.

Click the links below to schedule a 90-minute session for $280.

The Foundation Method – Building a Solid Center – 5-Week Live Program

Discover Your Roots. Ground Your Nervous System. Stand in Unshakeable Confidence.

The Foundation Method: Building Healthy Relationships

With the Foundation Method, elevate your self-worth and stop compromising your values, leading to genuine self-esteem and confidence. Move beyond self-doubt and attract relationships rooted in trust, breaking free from unhealthy bonds. Shift from emotional exhaustion to joy, reducing anxiety and depression. Take charge of your life, feeling empowered and content. Instead of letting life’s twists dictate your journey, curate your destiny rooted in your values, ensuring every step is infused with purpose and fulfillment. Open Enrollment Join Now, Limited spots are available. 

Hire Me to Facilitate

Your Neo Shamanic Breathwork Medicine Journey

The Neo-Shamanic Breathwork journey combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a powerful container. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their breath and specific music to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural process of aligning with the individual’s innate guidance and whatever the breather needs to receive for their own empowered experience. With the inner intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought–forth are unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike. Neo-Shamanic Breathwork is in the tradition and direct lineage of Holotropic Breathwork.