Upcoming Soul Gatherings and Other Live Events

Hosted by Lisa Wilson from Radically Authentic You

If you're seeking peace and confidence, equipped with spiritual tools to handle life's challenges, the Soul Gathering is reaching out to you.

Step into the Life You Deserve with ongoing support

Your sanctuary for healing the realms of your nervous system, deprograming your core beliefs, and aligning with the prosperity of your life.

Our first session begins June 15th! Join for only $27!

    Complimentary Core Stress Healing Activations

    Join me for one of these special events celebrating the cycles of the universe. These nervous system healing activations will give you practical tools to manage stress, including mini-breathworks using the Restorative Breathwork Method. 

    • May 23rd @ 5pm PT – Full Moon Flower Moon  – Planting Seeds for New Beginnings – We will be discussing the recent sun flares and their impact on our nervous system. Have you been experiencing sleeplessness, strange dreams, body aches, food craving changes…? Your body is working to create homestasis after these solar events. Come learn tools to help your physical self maintain balance. REGISTER TODAY

    Coming Up, Save the Date with each session 5pm PT: 

    • June 20th – Summer Solstice Ceremony
    • July 18th – Full Moon Preparation for Manifestation
    • August 22th – Navigating Mercury Retrograde
    • September 19th – Autumnal Equinox Celebration
    • October 17th – Hunter’s Full Moon Preparation for Samhain
    • November 21st – Fall Gathering
    • December 19th – Winter Equinox Ceremony

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    I was blown away by yesterday’s session. The music was incredible and I can’t quite describe the feelings I was having, it was like nothing I have ever felt before. My solar plexus area was fluttering and I went into a very deep sleep well before the end of the session. I almost feel as though I could have been transported somewhere else! I have felt more grounded today and looking forward to the next session!
    Past Participant

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