From Trauma to Transformation: The Year of the Dragon and the Power of a Healed Nervous System


As we embrace the powerful energy of the Year of the Dragon, I reflect on my journey and the profound transformations that have unfolded. This year promises a collective surge of positive, dynamic energy and a deeply personal invitation to heal, grow, and manifest our true potential. My experiences have taught me that the key to harnessing this magnificent energy lies in healing our nervous system, unlocking the magic and gifts that simmer beneath the surface, waiting to be opened.

The Impact of Solar Flares on Our Well-being

Recently, I’ve been fascinated by the synchronicity between the cosmic energy of the Dragon and the increased activity of solar flares. These powerful solar phenomena are spectacular to follow as they profoundly impact our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. As these flares interact with the Earth’s magnetic field, they trigger shifts within us, delivering codes that have not been available to us until now. These codes will unlock our own processes of transformation and healing and free us from the fear programs.
Our trauma, often stored in the recesses of our nervous system, becomes activated by these cosmic energies, presenting us with a unique opportunity for healing. The solar flares, in sync with the Year of the Dragon, are pushing us towards a threshold of empowerment, urging us to release old patterns and embrace a new paradigm of existence.

My Personal Experience: Healing and Transformation

On my own journey, I’ve discovered that the path to unlocking our inherent magic and gifts is healing the nervous system. This insight came after years of exploring various healing modalities, searching for ways to release the trauma that lingered within me. This path was filled with obstacles, yet it guided me to a deep understanding of how our energetic bodies and our ability to heal are interconnected.

My exploration of breathwork has been powerful, revealing different ways to access and heal the nervous system through both everyday practices and more intensive medicine journeys.

Reclaiming your Nervous System

As the powerful energy of the Dragon year grows stronger, I feel a deep calling to share this knowledge and to support others on their healing journeys. My journey has shown me the transformative power of healing the nervous system. It opens up a realm of possibilities, making us more resilient, more in tune with our authentic selves, and better equipped to realize our deepest desires.
Healing the trauma stored in our nervous system doesn’t just change us; it rebirths us into who we are meant to be.

Tools for Healing
This month, I have created an Empowerment Guide to help you identify your stress archetypes. The are 5 Stress Archetypes that are often automatic responses when triggered by stress. I invite you to download this important guide today. 
Additionally, in response to this calling, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my most important work on the planet thus far: The 5-Day Core Reset Program. This COMPLIMENTARY program is the culmination of my experiences, insights, and the wisdom I’ve gathered on my journey. It’s designed to heal trauma and teach techniques that support healing and empowerment.
The Core Reset is a 5-day free breathwork journey to heal the nervous system. Breathwork, an ancient practice that has gained modern recognition for its healing properties, is at the heart of this program and other powerful activation tools. Through guided sessions, participants will learn to release tension, clear blockages, and awaken their inner power. I invite you to learn more and sign up. 
This year, let us embrace the opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive. The Dragon’s energy is a powerful ally in our journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. By recovering our nervous system, we unlock the door to our true potential, allowing us to manifest our dreams and embrace our authentic selves.
Let’s embark on this breathwork journey to heal, transform, and unlock the magic within. The Year of the Dragon is our canvas; our healed selves are the masterpieces we are destined to create.
Lisa xo