What People Are Saying

Dearest Lisa,  I want you to know how much I am enjoying your book. Chapter 7 on honoring my intuition was incredibly powerful. You have written a wise and deep and useful book. I thank you very much.
Valery K.

Lisa’s teachings and guidance are profound and have initiated profound changes within me and in my life. I had extreme anxieties whenever dealing with a particular family member, and I feel that the breath work has really helped reset, recalibrate, and soothe my body which has been in PTSD mode for years. Lisa suggested that listening to bi-lateral music would also help me, so I did both! I did the breathing exercises, while simultaneously listening to bi-lateral music, and the result? Phenomenal. I was sent on a truly epic breathwork journey that was a death and rebirth and in this process, wisdom was imparted to me which has forever changed and liberated me. A new reality, a new world exists for me now–one in which I know I’m ok and can feel ok, regardless of how the drama unfolds with this family member.

Lisa’s work holds so much truth and is so profound because she has experienced exactly what she teaches. These are the best kind of teachers and mentors and why her teachings actually work.

Karyn I.