Welcome to the Soul Gathering Community! 

I am so pleased you have chosen to join us to learn about the power of breathwork and its ability to help us manage stress. You have given yourself a tremendous gift of healthy living by integrating these practices into your daily life. So let’s get started! 

Below you will find your gifts for joining the program. You will find:

  • Access to the 20-minute Restorative Breathwork Method used in my 21-day core reset program.
  • Access to the 5-day Core Stress Reset program, a foundational program to help move you into RBM more quickly.
  • Schedule your bio-energetic subconscious reading to receive your personalized report for potential stress responses.

Be sure to also mark these dates for the 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month at 8am PT in your calendar to join me via Zoom for our monthly sessions.

June 15 RBM Session, July 6 Integration

July 20 RBM Session, Aug 3 Integration

Aug 17 RBM Session, Sept 7 Integration

 Sept 21 RBM Session, Oct 5 Integration

Oct 19 RBM Session, Nov 2 Integration

Nov 16 RBM Session, Dec 7 Integration

Save this Zoom link to your calendar as well. I will be sending a reminder email for each session with this included.


Meeting ID: 649 672 1262
Passcode: 145961



Miss a session? Watch the replays! 

Did you miss the 60-minute Soul Gathering about stress? You can replay it here.

Day One


Day Two

Day Three


Day Four


Day Five