Lisa Wilson, dedicated to empowerment and healing


Hi, I’m Lisa Wilson and I am fiercely committed to empowerment and healing.

If you are the survivor of a toxic relationship, you may be ready for a transformational journey. I’m passionate about guiding you from abandonment and despair to creative empowerment.

Lisa Wilson is a transformational coach, healer, and Founder of Radically Authentic You.  For over 25 years, Lisa has guided her clients to release their subconscious programming and false masks to achieve remarkable success. And it all starts with getting back to the core of who you are and being radically authentic.

Lisa’s mission and commitment are to guide you through an amazing transformational journey to help you release your self-defeating patterns, to become your True Self and to express your divinity and fulfill your soul purpose. She will also help you to release the secret insecurity, shame, and fear that stands in the way of a life well-loved.

What does it mean to be Empowered? Most people often mistake Self Confidence for Self Empowerment, and they definitely support each other, but they are very different in terms of the way you view and treat yourself.

True Self-Empowerment

While you may have a healthy level of self-confidence that comes from being proud of something you have accomplished, that is only one piece of the truth of who you are. Self-Empowerment is having an overall level of self-love and self-acceptance of who you are as a person, despite flaws. Join my Empowerment Circle to find true meaning in self-love and clear toxic relationships.

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“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.”   – Diane von Furstenberg 

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Intensive Energy Clearing for Self–Empowerment and Raising Your Vibrational Set-Point

This powerful activation will take you through an energy clearing that will start the release of your outdated programs and limited beliefs. As we release the old, we bring you into alignment with your true Authentic Self.

Take the first step toward activating your self-empowerment.

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What my clients are saying

Lisa is a beautiful light in my life. She expanded my consciousness and opened up my mind throughout my journey. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Lisa brings an exuberant amount of light to her clients and into this world.


My love life was a mess. I felt frustrated and dissatisfied. If not for you, Lisa, I would still be in that relationship. I wasn’t strong enough to end it. You urged me to question myself, to raise my awareness, to be my best self, to stand still and shine bright… to be the lighthouse. You insisted that I would attract every quality I felt in myself… in another. I absolutely did not believe you, but I did what you suggested. I embraced being alone, present and happy. I focused on bringing as much joy as I could to others. A friend set me up with a woman my old self would never have considered. Definitely not my type. You exposed my pattern and gave me the tools to move out of my comfort zone.

Everything you predicted would happen…. happened.

I’m so grateful to be with someone I love and value so much. My life has improved tremendously.


Even my first session with Lisa Wilson was amazing! I’m a private chef in Aspen and keep pretty busy, I had just finished working Thanksgiving and Christmas with some clients that weren’t a good fit. Their food choices were not aligned with the type of food I like to cook. I felt overworked, underappreciated and really bitter about catering. I told Lisa I wanted to quit.

As we talked, it became apparent that I still loved cooking, but didn’t like the clients I was attracting. So we came up with a meditation for manifesting my ideal clients. Only 3 weeks later, out of the blue, I attracted some really amazing clients. They were a perfect fit and I was blown away when one of them said the exact words I was manifesting: “Cindy please make us food you like to cook and something you would eat yourself”. Lisa is an amazing empowerment guide.  She has helped me get to where I am today and I am forever grateful!


I first met Lisa when I was in the depths of despair. I was going through a huge transition following a traumatic pregnancy and divorce. All with little outside support. I felt lost, alone, and completely paralyzed by fear. Lisa is an incredibly warm spirit. She immediately inspired me with hope for my future, confidence in my life choices and optimism for who I am and who I can be.

Lisa truly excels in helping me shift my perspective. Lisa is able to sit with me in my darkness, yet she inspires me to know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel and that I am precisely where I am meant to be. In session with Lisa, I can laugh, cry, but most importantly shift my perspective back on track. I am forever grateful for Lisa and how she entered my life.


Lisa is a guiding force for me and has provided a calm voice of reason. I had several different things happen in my life over the last decade that led me to a point where I was lost. I had assumed a victim role rather than taking charge of my situation. I lived in fear, but I wanted to move forward – I just didn’t know where exactly to start. Lisa has a gift; she has a way of knowing exactly what you need and where you need to go within. My ‘ah ha’ moments are always out of the blue in a session with Lisa. I’d go in with one idea and leave with my mind blown and find myself still processing weeks later.

Lisa is my guide, my confidant and so much more. She has helped me look within, even though it isn’t comfortable or easy. The results have been life changing. The tools she provides have helped me stay on my evolving path rather than retreating within.