Core Stress Healing Activations Replays


June 20, 2024 – Summer Solstice

Attend Future Core Stress Healing Activations


Complimentary Core Stress Healing Activations

Join me for one of these special events celebrating the cycles of the universe. These nervous system healing activations will give you practical tools to manage stress, including mini-breathworks using the Restorative Breathwork Method. 

  • June 20th @ 5pm PT - Summer Solstice Ceremony - We will be exploring the spiritual significance of the Summer Solstice and the energy it brings to us. We will also practice a guided Breathwork exercise to release stress and engage in powerful healing to clear old patterns. Now is the time to embrace YOUR authentic self.  REGISTER TODAY

Coming Up, Save the Date with each session 5pm PT: 

  • July 18th - Full Moon Preparation for Manifestation
  • August 22th - Navigating Mercury Retrograde
  • September 19th - Autumnal Equinox Celebration
  • October 17th - Hunter's Full Moon Preparation for Samhain
  • November 21st - Fall Gathering
  • December 19th - Winter Equinox Ceremony

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