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Living Reconnected to Your Guidance System: Empowerment Forecast for June 2023 


Trust in your own journey. Your intuition is the compass, your heart is the map, and your soul is the destination. ~Lisa J Wilson


Self-Trust – The Key to Moving Onward and Upward

Self-Trust – The Key to Moving Onward and Upward

Embrace the journey of self-discovery; it’s in the pursuit of your authentic self where you’ll find your greatest strength. ~Lisa J Wilson


So there I was, in the adventure of a lifetime, a choice on my journey. I could decide to see the excitement, wonder, and joy or feel defeated, flattened, and riddled with fear. 

I paused…

Took a deep breath and jumped…

Let me tell you; I’ve spent many years complying with what was expected of me, fulfilling roles I was told I Should do, Must do, and not to forget, here’s “How we do it.” 

The shackles of a belief system that encouraged conformity rather than individuality took me what felt like an eternity to transform. But then, one day, it struck me—each of us is a vital piece of this Grand Adventure called life, equipped with a unique compass to guide us. The compass’s true north? Self-Trust. A key component to march onward and ascend higher.

We’ve all found ourselves trapped in a predicament at some point, be it toxic relationships, uninspiring jobs, or life decisions that seem more like traps than choices we willingly made. Drained of energy, it feels like our personal power is running on empty.

But here’s the silver lining—every tool you need to turn it all around lies within Self-Trust. 

1 – First and foremost, self-trust emerges from a conscious awareness of when and where you surrender your power. So, for the coming week, take note of every instance when you say yes, only to find yourself defending your decision later. 

2 – Then quiet confidence is the driving force behind decision-making, risk-taking, and holding our ground. This month, challenge yourself. Take a risk and assess how it feels. Jot down your reactions and your insights. 

3 – Trusting yourself also involves honoring your intuition, deep emotions, and profound desires. Tune into your body’s signals when something feels off. As for me, I can always tell when something is off when my solar plexus (my core) constricts. 

Self-Trust becomes your guiding light, steering you towards experiences, relationships, and opportunities that harmonize with your core values and your vision for your life.

There you have it! Self-Trust is the key to moving onward and upward. Embrace it, cultivate it, and watch as your life transforms.  

Empowerment Forecast: June 2023 – Trusting Your Inner Guidance and Embracing Freedom…

Empowerment Forecast: June 2023 - Trusting Your Inner Guidance and Embracing Freedom…

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Until next time, keep trusting and keep thriving!

Much Love.

Lisa xo

Reclaiming Your Life Starts with YOU!


Life is not about avoiding the storms but learning to surf the chop. When we trust ourselves, we find the rhythm in our own unique flow in life. ~Lisa J Wilson