Living Life on your Terms


“There are times when it will go so wrong that you will barely be alive, and times when you realize that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else’s terms.”

– Jeanette Winterson

The JOY of Living a Self-Empowered Life

What does it mean to live your life on YOUR terms? It’s time to LOOK beyond the veil of illusion and get HONEST with yourself; your JOY depends on it. 

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living Life on your TermsYou are born into family dynamics of social conditioning and other peoples beliefs of who you should or shouldn’t be. It’s no wonder you spend the better part of your life just trying to figure out who you really are.  As you AWAKEN to the truth of you, your life expands exponentially. It’s as though you are in a dark warehouse with a flashlight and you can ONLY SEE where you shine your light, but when you awaken to YOU, the lights in the warehouse come on and you can SEE the magnificence of who you REALLY are.  This is where the JOURNEY begins…

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How do we turn the lights on in the warehouse? We are ALL creator beings, we came into this physical life existence to grow and expand, to step into our own empowerment and to live life on OUR TERMS, but we must clear the energetic blocks that are preventing us from SEEING the truth. As a powerful creator, with free will, the most important piece to understand is…

“A belief is really only a thought that you keep thinking” – Esther Hicks

Most of your beliefs have been anchored (at a subconscious level) when you were a child and they carry a vibrational frequency that aligns you with your life experiences. When you do energy work to heal and clear your subconscious programs, the lights in the warehouse TURN ON!

The nature of the human (ego) is to avoid pain at all costs, so our human gets creative in telling us the stories that keep us in a dark warehouse, unable to see the truth of who we REALLY are. We are so convincing in our stories that we can believe the lies we tell ourselves, which prevent us from seeing the truth, because if we see the truth, we will have to make a change.

How do you know you’re living a self-empowered life with the lights on in the warehouse? There are three key signs that you will experience in your everyday life when you have changed your vibrational frequency.

3 key signs your living a Self-Empowered Life

You respect yourself

Self-respect brings with it a feeling of calm and ease. You trust yourself and your decisions. You know what your ‘YES’ is and what  your ‘NO is and you act accordingly. There is a consistent state of wholeness and peace inside. You are authentic in all you say and do.

Your Life has Meaning

You feel there is meaning and purpose to your life and you feel joy and excitement with each day. Your work and your life are aligned with your personal truth.

You Feel Loved

You enjoy being with YOU and you surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you. Love flows to and from you with ease and effortlessness and you give love easily, supporting and nurturing those you care about.

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This program will guide you to bringing back all the aspects of you that keep you in separation. This is a very effective and powerful energy healing that with your free will, will set you up for creating the change in your life, so you can live the life you were born to live!

Why is this relationship different?

The Narcissist lives their life feeding on people’s energy. There is disconnect from who they are and the DIVINE. They are not aware of the magnificence that they are, so they look to others to feel better about themselves.

Yearn to feel love and valuedThe victim of the narcissist is looking to feel loved and valued and (at a subconscious level) do not feel worthy within, they also have a disconnect from their OWN magnificence and the DIVINE within.  They believe their value and worth is obtained outside themselves.

The victim will magnetize to the NPD to fix, save and rescue. This will fill their insatiable need to be loved and valued. It is an equal match of the SAME vibration. You may have aligned to this type of relationship to WAKE YOU UP and see the truth of who you are. Ultimately, this is your opportunity to connect to the DIVINE within for the love you are searching for.

The NPD is so creative in how they show up in our lives that we are unaware that their behavior is anything other then love. They set the hook and we may realize their behavior has SLIGHT imperfections. We may negotiate with ourselves: “They didn’t mean to do that,” and “I am sure they have a good reason for doing what they did.” We give them the benefit of the doubt.

The NPD has spent a lifetime learning and understanding human conditioning and this is where they hook you. They know your fears, insecurities and weaknesses and they will use ALL they know to keep you in their grasp. It’s easy to be drawn in by the narcissist’s ability to appear confident and loving, but when it comes to NPD, confidence will also be followed by behavior that is sporadic and unstable. The NPD will have absolutely no problem, getting rid of you when their DONE with you or the situation at hand is no longer bringing them what they want.  It is ALWAYS about them.

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“Being alone is scary, but not as scary as feeling alone in a relationship” – Amelia Earhart

Empowerment Forecast

 June 2018

The Collective Whole – What is going on

Welcome to June 2018! The beginning of June will give us the opportunity to rest and catch our breath, before the energy changes and we enter the eclipse and retrograde season later in the summer.

It’s time to think creatively and freely. How can we expand our consciousness in ways that we might not have thought of before?

This is a powerful time to write down any ideas and inspirations you might receive. You are a co-creator with source and when you listen to the small still voice within, you will be guided and supported along the way. The ideas you receive will serve as golden nuggets that help you navigate through the noise and confusion of the external world around you.

Are you clear with your communication?  June is offering us alignments that help us address any parts of ourselves that we have been holding back and not speaking our truth about, so that we can speak openly and freely.

Connect with Your Truth

We did not come to this life experience to sit on the sidelines and let ourselves dim our own light. We are here to expand our consciousness and the world around us, through our self-expression, presence, gifts, truth, talents, and energy.

When you are congruent with your truth, you shine bright, like a Lighthouse.

June will push us to express ourselves in ways that feel most authentic to who we are at our core. Social conditioning has us believing that self-love is a part of the ego and by taking care of ourselves we are narcissistic. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Social conditioning was initially used to make the collective mind believe it is separate from its true nature, which is Source first. We are one with the Divine and we did not come here to conform and play small. When we look to another for approval and validation, we are usually left feeling insecure and stuck, living in fear and in lack. These are survival-based energies that cause the eventual breakdown of physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being. On a collective whole, we have been releasing layers of this type of old conditioning that we once believed, and that held us back from making self-love a top priority in our lives.

As we reach the midway point of this powerful year, we must remember that this year brings the opportunity for all of us to keep awakening, growing and transcending into higher realms of consciousness. June is a beautiful month of stability, creativity, and self-expression and if you make peace with yourself. Take some time out for self-love and self-care; you are going to feel harmony with the energy shifts that we will be taking place toward the end of the summer.

On a collective whole, our souls will be pushing us to live our lives from a place of ONENESS. We are leaving the ME mentality for a WE reality and love will lead the way.

The Solstice GatewayThe Solstice Gateway

On June 21, we will move through the summer solstice gateway. The solstice represents a time of completion and new beginnings. It’s time to let go of whatever is ready to resolve and release. This solstice is also anchoring large amounts of light from the sun into our planet, which will create another quantum leap forward in our personal consciousness, and in the collective.

What is no longer serving your highest and best good? What are you willing to leave behind, so that you can create more room for your desired reality? It is time  to ask ourselves these questions, and to make the necessary adjustments to move ourselves forward into greater love.The solstice gateway can bring into fruition our deepest and most authentic desires for ourselves and for the world around us.

I set my intention to align with the truth of who I AM. To see clearly into the illusions of my false masks and the stories I tell myself for survival.

I set my intention to come into union with me, to embrace and LOVE all aspects of me, to know myself as perfect, complete and whole just as I AM.

Thank you Source for Aligning me with the people, places, and experiences that inspire, expand, and uplift me. I am grateful to Release the need to be a people-pleaser, and to let go of needing to be validated by others. I Allow myself to shine brightly, to do less and be more, knowing that I don’t have to force or make things happen as I AM in alignment with my DIVINE self and I AM always guided.

Until next week.

With a grateful heart,

Lisa xo