Living a Magical Life


“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself” 

– Diane Von Furstenberg

You, Yourself and the Divine:

The Power of Three

Is it possible to live fearlessly when we have been conditioned to make choices to live by society’s standards?

Our greatest guide is our connection to source and when we integrate our source and our human, we can keep life simple through the gift of feeling. By clearing out the emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks, we can FEEL our way through life’s choices and experiences. If it feels empowering, loving, joyful, graceful, exciting and freeing, it’s a confirmation that the experience is aligned with your Source.

If you feel a tightening, shortness of breath, a constriction in your body or as if there are too many conditions being placed, that’s a message that it’s not for you and you can release the experience with LOVE and move on.

When we hear things like “you should, you need to, you have to”, or “this is the only way,” these are red flags to look out for. The answers are not found outside yourself and only you know what is right for YOU. The Divine Trinity is your true NORTH. You, Yourself, and the Divine is where the magic creation of living the life you were born to live, resides. Come home to YOU, align with your true essence, and integrate the Divine within and your life will unfold for you in ways that you couldn’t possibly imagine. Life will yield to you whatever you are focused on, but it is up to you to be honest with yourself and release what is no longer serving your highest and best good.

“Know thyself. Accept thyself. Love thyself. No matter what you had done, where you have been, know, accept and love who you are.”  – Iyanla Vanzant

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – AKA – Energy Vampire, Sociopath, Psychopath and Emotional Abuse

“An honest person will NEVER understand the behavior of a dishonest person as it is not their nature”

It’s time to remove the masks of illusion and look at all the various forms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It can be a moving target if we are not willing to SEE through the veils of illusion. This topic presented itself to me in so many ways but the one that stood out the most is a conversation I recently had with one of my coaches. I was feeling a bit deflated knowing that this subject is not an easy one to talk about.  The NPD operates under the radar using every mask available to them, but the frustrating part was how easy it is for us to just NOT want to look at the problem, so we mask it with different labels that seem to make the behavior more tolerable.

Be Willing to SEEWhen my coach said to me, with GREAT emotion,  “Lisa, if it wasn’t for you, I would STILL be in that relationship!!! I couldn’t SEE it!!” 

Once again, I was brought back to my soul purpose.

I am really good at seeing the LOVE in everyone, and to be honest, that is something I cherish about myself. But that did not support me in my own personal life. I was on a rescue mission to fix the problem of the NPD and the truth of the matter is… I was really trying to fix MYSELF. Our lives mirrorback to us what we cannot see in ourselves through other people’s issues and situations. If our life is filled with people who emotionally abuse, take or suck the life force out of us, the issue may not be the person you are dealing with, but what are you are not seeing in yourself.

The NPD has been my GREATEST gift and teacher. Who better to teach me how to set boundaries, speak my truth, get honest with myself and still find the LOVE in my heart to know that it has NOTHING to do with the narcissist and EVERYTHING to do with me.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is everywhere. Friends, family, co-workers, lovers and partnerships of all kinds. The question you must ask yourself is…What is the PAYOFF for this relationship? What am I getting out of it? If you have relationships in your life that deplete you on any level, it’s time to LOOK inward.

Surround Yourself with LoveIt’s important to surround ourselves with people who inspire us, support us and help us remember that WE have everything we need inside of us to live our greatest lives.

“Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the inability to self-assess” – Lisa Wilson

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This program has an energy cleanse tool that will raise your vibration and align you with your higher self, so you are no longer a match to abusive relationships. The use of this program on a consistent basis will help support you in changing your Vibrational Set Point.

Empowerment Forecast

The Collective Whole – What is going on

June 2018 – The Summer Solstice

The June Solstice is important for many cultures, in ancient Egypt, it actually signified the new year – a time of rebirth, a new cycle beginning. It also signifies emergence from the old, and the abundance that is available to all of us – if that’s what you choose. If you have the attitude and the outlook of abundance during solstice time, this can be greatly magnified for you. You always have free will and you will need to make that decision and follow through with the actions, thoughts and feelings to support it.

Summer SolsticeChoosing to step into your power to manifest those things which you might have been struggling with before, with a loving attitude and positive beliefs, will enhance your manifestation greatly.

I personally LOVE the June Solstice as it just so happens to be my Birthday! Every year I celebrate my life and the blessing to be here another year to submerge myself in the gifts of this incredible place I call home, EARTH. We always have a choice to see the beauty surrounding us or to focus on what appears to be something unwanted. How can you support yourself, each day to see the beauty and the abundance of the world around you?  

There are waves of energy coming our way every moment, sent from various points in the universe. This energy is here to help propel our consciousness and activate our awakening.

Most of us don’t even realize that we are receiving this energy and it seeps into every part of our lives causing realizations to be brought from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind so that we can interweave it with our day to day lives.

We are made of love and the separation that was created through fear is being dissolved. We’re moving into the next stage of existence. It’s very important that we work on our heart chakra now because we’re moving into the collective vibration of love and understanding.

I set my intention to be aligned with source, guided by source and surrounded by source at all times.

I set my intention to release my FEAR conditioning and allow the Divine to guide my way every day!

Thank you God for the gift of this day. May my heart and soul be filled with LOVE. May I do my best to be in my integrity and speak my truth. May my heart radiate love and appreciation for the magnificence of each and everyone of us.  So be it and so it is!

Until next week.

With a grateful heart,

Lisa xo