Full Disclosure on the Awakened Path


Weekly Empowerment Forecast

3/18/2018 – 3/25/2018

Welcome to the Aspen Center for Empowerment and Healing’s weekly blog where we will shine a light on toxic relationships, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the true meaning it plays in your life. I will also dive into the energy of what we are all experiencing as a collective whole.

“You are a powerful being of infinite light and love. You did not come here to stand in the shadow of another person, you came here to stand in your own power and find the truth of your soul” – Lisa Wilson

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The Awakened Path

My intention is to bring awareness to the true meaning of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its role in your life. I will spend a bit of time talking about certain characteristics of NPD and then we will move into the energy alignment and what you can do to change it.

There are many articles on the internet about NPD that you can easily access if you chose, I am not here to go into all the details about what this is, but I am here to illuminate the aspects that I feel have been missed or very moderately talked about.

Let’s take look at the scale of NPD, from least to most toxic. On one end is the narcissist that thinks they know it all and on the other end the vindictive narcissist.

The know it all tends to give their opinion when unsolicited and believes they know more then anyone else. They see themselves as more important and influential then their peers. On the extreme side of NPD is the person that finds pleasure in your pain. They will do whatever it takes to make your life miserable, but, it’s what is in between that I want to focus on. Before I go into it, let me say that the narcissist, in general, has a deep level of self-loathing beyond physical appearances and their behavior across the board blends into one another which is why it can be so difficult to detect and difficult to pin down. So, let’s look at the middle… The Covert Narcissist, this type of narcissist prides themselves on their ability to access people. This narcissist will spend as much time as necessary (even years) building the relationship, learning about your likes, dislikes, and weaknesses as well as strengths. I like to explain it like this, some people give to give, they give from the bottom of their heart, then there are those that give to get, and this is where most of us reside based on social conditioning and such, but then, there are those that give to TAKE and this is what the covert narcissist is all about. They can be found everywhere. They are tricky to say the least. They will have you believing that they are all about you, but they will ALWAYS be about themselves, ultimately, they get into your head and plant seeds of doubt that eventually breakdown your ability to discern what’s true or false, this can happen through words or small actions that just don’t make sense.

Full Disclosure

I want to you to stop, take a deep breath in, and let me say that if you have brought a NPD into your life, they are a vibrational match to you. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but you are not a victim! Your soul came here to grow and step into your empowerment and the NPD was what you brought in to show you the way (if you choose). What I also want to bring awareness to, is they love to play on FEAR.  BREATHE….Just Breathe

Whew! Now that I said all that, let’s talk about the vibrational match and what we can do to change it. Self-love (or lack of) is the root and the place where we match the NPD. How do we love our selves? It starts with all the aspects that you keep hidden because of guilt, shame, and fear. To heal the hidden aspects, we must be committed to do the work on an energy level first. When we heal our subconscious programs, we shift our vibrational set point.

(To learn more about how to heal your subconscious programming and what types of energy work you can do, go to, www.aspencenterforempowerment.com where I provide you with programs and energy clearing to support you on your journey)

The Collective Whole – What is going on

Energetically speaking, the collective whole is going through a full disclosure, we are cutting away what no longer serves us and growing something new. You are likely to feel like you are out of your comfort zone as relationship patterns from the past are changing and perhaps even leaving your life as Jupiter and Saturn are both in challenging positions (astrologically speaking.)  You don’t need to know how it will all play out but as you awaken to your true authentic self, you will be guided by divine inspiration, divine timing, and divine love every step of the way.

Set your Intention that you are opening the door to the possibility of healing, wellness and love on all levels.

I accept that I don’t know how to heal from this pattern and I NOW call upon the Divine to work through me on my behalf. So be it and so it is!