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“An honest person will NEVER understand the behavior of a dishonest person as it is not their nature.”

Welcome to the Aspen Center for Empowerment and Healing weekly blog, where we will focus on the true meaning of self-love and how to clear toxic relationships from your life with ease and grace.

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“Allow the Universe to guide your way. Take action to do your own inner healing and watch the Miracles unfold. The path is not linear; it’s a continuous spiral that will evolve you into the person you were born to be” – Lisa Wilson

Self-Love and the Law of Attraction – It’s All Connected
Love – Health – Prosperity

What happens when you build a house on sand? Eventually the house will come down… the ground beneath the structure WILL give out.

When we include the Divine with Law of Attraction, we will be able to build our houses on SOLID ground.  How do we include the Divine with the Law of Attraction?

If something unwanted is showing up in your life, it’s time to LOVE what is. Stop, take a DEEP breath in, and give yourself BIG HUG. You are the creator of your reality and you aligned yourself to something that is here to serve your highest and best good. It’s time to call for support

“Divine, I accept that I don’t have the answer to the problem in front of me and I call upon your support to work through me on my behalf. Thank You. And so it is”

In my own experience of understanding the Universal Laws, I know it is imperative to Co-Create your life with the Divine.

Ego mind or Divine mind? Let’s take a deeper look; the ego mind will do everything to avoid pain and believes the relationship, car, house or status will bring joy, but the root is a separation from the truth of who you are as you are not including the WHOLE self. You are so much more than the ego mind. When we create from the Divine Mind, we let go of control, we trust that everything is there to support us. When you align to your true authentic self, you no longer fear the unexpected nor do you limit yourself in any way. Of course, you will have desires and these desires are a part of you or they wouldn’t be there; but when we are attached to the outcome, we limit the Divine Plan and we judge what we experience as good, bad etc. When we can shift to living from the Divine Mind, our understanding of the world around us will change.

Divine MindAs we become clear, if something unwanted shows up in our life, we get to look inward. This is our Divine Guidance System at work. If we TRY to manage the emotion, we put a happy sticker on an empty gas tank. The result  will inevitably be another unpleasant experience we unconsciously manifest to alert us that change is needed.

The Divine, which is you at your core, already knows what is best for your growth and well-being. Sometimes you will be thrown challenges or things that appear difficult or “bad” at first. But later, you will discover that they helped you to evolve and find true joy. Other times, you will experience positive or “good” things that may turn out to bring you experiences that appear to be unwanted, but later you discover that this helped you to grow stronger. Can you see how nothing is linear? Everything is connected. And everything is perfectly orchestrated. When we release the resistance, we can accept that it is ALL serving our highest and best good.

As we do our inner work of healing the energy body, we become one with divine, Soul Integration = Self-Love we are at one with ourselves on a cellular level (integration of the soul and the human). This is where manifesting  the life of your dreams; health, prosperity, abundance and love all come together; they are interconnected and Self-Love is the key (the solid foundation).

“Trust yourself. See that everything is always there to support YOU. Be on your own team. As you stand by your side, you ignite the inner spark of possibility and create a life of that is filled with miracles” – Lisa Wilson

Even the smallest paper cut is here to serve you. In my own personal journey, a rock hit my windshield that caused a small chip. In that very instant I was able to STOP, check in with myself and observe what I was focusing upon. It turns out that I was in a deep state of thought that was based in fear and completely unaware until the rock hit my windshield. I was grateful it was only a small chip and I was able to do healing work around the fear.

When we can learn to trust that everything in our lives is there to help, guide and support us, we are then working with the universal laws to empower us. If you are to focus only on the emotion and not go DEEP into what is really going on, then the FEAR becomes magnified over time.

The Divine Plan is ALWAYS working on your behalf and it is up to you to be your own BEST friend, taking care of yourself by creating the space and time to do the WORK to heal.  I really do believe that healing the energy body is the simplest, most effective way to release your alignment with what is not wanted. As we do our internal work, the outer manifestation is the LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE.

To support you in releasing the layers of negative inherited patterns and limited human programing, check out the Energy Clearing Session created for releasing Toxic Relationships.

The Grand IllusionThe Narcissist and Service to Others – The Grand Illusion

Before I dive into this section, let me say, this was not what I had envisioned for where my work was going, but the Divine had a plan and I am grateful. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a very intense behavior pattern and the root of the behavior is NOT love, but insecurity. However, we are attracted to them because they are a mirror to our own unloved, hidden aspects. I also want to bring light to the post I wrote recently, “Connecting to Divine Love,” where I bring awareness to the social conditioning that the collective whole has been programmed to believe about Self-Love. We are ALL learning Divine Love and how to love ourselves unconditionally.

I will share a story of a client of mine to shed some light on how the narcissist in his life was the GIFT in transforming a core belief that was preventing my client from deeper love.

No one is off limits when it comes to Narcissistic Abuse, in fact, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward for the Narcissist.

My client is a very successful, self-assured person who loves to give back to others. Confident, loving, kind and a very savvy business person who sets solid boundaries. Not the person you would expect to get involved with a Narcissist. So, what was the attraction? First, I want to say that “An honest person will NEVER understand a dishonest person, as it is not their nature.” I also want to emphasize that if you have aligned yourself with a Narcissist, your soul has a divine plan for YOU. In the case of my client, he brought this person into his life to transform his relationship patterns. We are ALL coming into this high vibration of love and for us to heal old beliefs about relationships, the old structure must come down. Following his success in other areas of his life, he was ready to bring in a more intimate relationship; he brought the Narcissist in to take his flawed structure down. I watched my client’s pattern of relationship change before my eyes. He was always attracting a certain type of person that fit a certain profile based on external conditioning about what he believed would bring him happiness and joy. Once again, the human (ego), did not want to let go of this programming; the Narcissist was the perfect antidote. The Narcissist was very creative in her attempt to break him of his Self-Confidence, planting seeds of doubt in creative ways. As he freed himself from this destructive relationship and took the necessary break from dating, he then magnetized to his Divine Counterpart and the relationship of his dreams.

Narcissists are male, female, business partners, bosses, friends, lovers and family.

They are everywhere, and this next piece can be a bit disturbing…

Let me bring some awareness to another way the Narcissist will manipulate with a false persona. In working with many clients and in my own personal experiences, when the Narcissist gets exposed and you can finally SEE the truth of who they are, they will dive in deep to some form of service to others. Whether it is a charity, volunteer work or community service. The BEST part about this behavior is the program of choice will benefit, but the NPD also gets a Narcissistic Supply and they are on to a whole new platform. In fact, any type of work that has a large community of loving and trusting people will be a magnet for the Narcissist. However, Service to Self will ALWAYS be what the NPD is about. Because of the deep feeling of Self-Loathing, the Narcissist’s insatiable ego is fed as people will praise them for the work they are doing in society and now the NPD has EVEN more ammunition to Gaslight those that SEE the truth. When it comes to the NPD, chaos and confusion will be the norm as they are always manipulating the truth.

How do you know you are dealing with a narcissist? If you try to figure it out with your intellect, you will be swept up into a reality of confusion, so, you must learn to listen with your heart. Your heart will always tell you the truth. YOU have ALL the answers within and as you clear away the programs and energies that have kept you separated from the small still voice within you, you will be able to FEEL, SENSE and SEE the energy of the NPD. You may NEVER understand it, but you can get clear about what to stay away from. I was Divinely guided and inspired to create the FREE gift I offer:

This program is here to support you in your healing journey to Self-Love and Empowerment. It was the foundation for my own transformation and I am grateful to be able to gift it to you! Use this program daily to release what is blocking you from hearing the Divine within.

Weekly Empowerment Forecast

4/30/2018 – 5/06/2018

“When we align with our Authentic Self, we are no longer willing to make excuses for other people’s behavior. It’s better to stand alone than to compromise yourself for another.” – Lisa Wilson

The Collective Whole – What is going on

A New Earth – Living the Divine Code of Love

Since 2018 began, we have had intense energy shifts taking place. What is this all about? We are anchoring in the Divine Code of Love as we are being called to heal our programs in relationships. What is the Divine Code of Love? We have been conditioned as a collective whole, into relationships that are based in survival. As we heal ourselves and bring in self-love, our relationships will transform. Divine Love is our truth as we are no longer settling for relationships that deplete us.

We are bringing ourselves situations that take down the old belief systems that are not congruent with Divine Love, so it is not surprising to see things are shifting and changing! What isn’t for our highest and best good is finding a way to leave.

One of the greatest gifts I ever received was the understanding that there are No Guarantees. As you integrate this understanding, you learn to let go and let God.

Sometimes we initiate the change, but many times fear blocks our connection to the truth of who we are and the Universe steps in to Divinely Guide our way. Of Course, on the Grand Stage we are witnessing or partaking in life experiences that may be more challenging then we can possibly understand and only through the Heart (Divine Mind) can we try to make sense out of situations that are so difficult.   

If you or someone you know is going through a big change or challenge, don’t rush to judge, as many of these changes will be blessings for the people involved. Because there are so many moving parts to this WHOLE life experience, you may never know or understand.  There are many ways we bring transformation to heal the fragmented parts of ourselves. Health, relationships, career and relocation are ALL part of what can open our hearts up to SELF- LOVE as we are called to reinvent our lives. We are learning NEW ways of living. Rest, Release and Rejuvenation are part of the new normal as the energy coming into the planet currently demands it.

One way to support yourself through these energy shifts is by finding a Reiki Master to work with. Reiki is one of the most incredible healing gifts you can give yourself and there are many ways to support you in aligning with a practitioner. When I travel I look for a Reiki Master at my destination to work with and I am in awe by the amazing experiences I have brought to me by doing this. So let go of your comfort zone and jump into the unknown; your wings will expand on the way down!

Set your Intention for the Divine to Guide you. To align with People who are loving, kind and in their integrity to be your friends, co-workers and playmates.

Thank you Divine, for guiding me every step of the way. Thank you for the strength and faith to know that I am always provided for and that when something ends a new beginning awaits. Thank you for holding me when I didn’t have the ability to carry myself. I AM love and I AM loved. So be it and so it is.

Until next week.

With a grateful heart,

Lisa xo