A Love Story


“An honest person will NEVER understand the behavior of a dishonest person as it is not their nature.”

Welcome to the Aspen Center for Empowerment and Healing weekly blog where we will focus on the true meaning of self-love and how to clear toxic relationships from your life with ease and grace.

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“Love is the bridge between you and everything” – Rumi

Path to Self-Love

A Love StoryWhat is Divine Love and Why is Self–Love the Key to Freedom?

Throughout our human existence, we have been raised to see one version of the world. Through family beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation, we are taught to look outside ourselves for the answers. We are conditioned to go after the relationship, career, lifestyle etc., not to mention family expectations of religious beliefs and cultural conditioning…  A disconnected self is the outcome. To understand divine love, it’s important to understand what is not. Divine love is NOT filled with conditions. I will focus upon the self as this is where it all starts, but, what shows up in your life when you embrace and integrate self-love is a life filled with LOVE. Your relationships, career and lifestyle align with LOVE.

Love, like any energetic state, permeates from the inside out and attracts an energetic response in others. When we shift our inner program towards Love through unconditionally loving ourselves, we instantly shift the quality of our relationships. As our vibration changes from being or needing an object of love to becoming love, it allows us to transcend the patterns at a subconscious level and most importantly develops our manifestation ability to attract people in our lives, who resonate with us at that same level.

“You know that you are ready for Self-Love, when the pain of staying where you are is worse than the pain of letting go of your fears.”

So how do we do this? What needs to happen for this shift to take place?

Here are the 3 fundamental aspects of love:

1– Surrender – Let go of control, let go of trying as this creates resistance and moves you away from YOU.  When you can let go, you allow the energy to flow, besides, the Divine Plan is so much better than anything you can create on your own.

2- Honor of Self – When we give our power away to another, the more confused we become. We lose our way when we don’t listen to ourselves and this is how we align with Narcissists and people who manipulate.

3- Courage – Is following the voice of your heart. Having the Heart Strength to take action. Being true to your heart is being true to yourself!

A Love StoryWe must be willing to leave our past, our fears and our projections and ALL judgements behind and have compassion and forgiveness of ourselves and others. It will feel as though you are going upstream as you become aware of your inner critic that is constantly talking to you in an endless loop,saying you are flawed. Building TRUST with yourself is the foundation. If we don’t feel good enough or we feel undeserving of love, we can’t trust ourselves and thus we can’t trust others. In my own experience, learning to be in the present moment was imperative. I would check-in with myself before I made any decisions: ‘How does that feel? Is it congruent with me or am I looking for something outside of me?’ I learned to trust in myself, to make good decisions and to embrace myself with love when something unwanted showed up. We are HUMAN, we are not supposed to get it right, we are here for a life experience of conscious expansion. Some choices we make will feel good and some won’t and that is where we learn to embrace ourselves with love, DIVINE LOVE.

“Make yourself the subject of your love and you will discover that Self-Love is not a person outside of you but your inner state of being connected with your Divine Heart.”

Alchemy of the Soul – Releasing Toxic Relationships

“Don’t give into your fears. If you do you won’t be able to talk to your heart.”  – The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Alchemy of the soul is what happens when we free our divine self, which is trapped within us by the unaccepted parts of ourselves (our fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.). The most fascinating aspect of soul-level alchemy is its objective: to free you from your core wounds, core beliefs, soul loss and other self-destructive personas, so you can live a life of freedom and liberation. Soul integration is the ultimate state of transformation – the gold – Alchemy of the Soul. It will restructure your personality and the various levels of attachment, avoidance and identification you have acquired. We can thank famous psychologist C. G. Jung for the continued interest in alchemy. Much of his theory is heavily steeped in the rich symbolism of alchemy, creating a colorful and sophisticated road map by which we can learn to get ourselves “out of our own way,” stop being our own enemies and allow our fullest potential to unfold.

A Love StoryWe are at a tipping point of GREAT change; we can see on the global stage an awareness of toxic behavior being magnified. My intention is for each one of us to gain perspective into our own patterns of betrayal and how to embrace the pain and love ourselves unconditionally. There are many ways we can and will bring, people, situations and life experiences to us that start the Alchemical process of healing. Toxic relationships are just one path of this Divine Intervention but there are many paths to healing. In my own personal journey, I allowed toxic relationships to be the center stage of my life. It wasn’t until I experienced Divine Love that I was willing to risk it ALL. As the veil of illusion lifted, I was taken back by the awareness of how an abused child will continue to go back to their abusers as it is what they know. I was comfortable in the uncomfortable as it was familiar to me. The mirror of a Divine Soul Connection is what started my transformation.

Looking back, I am grateful for the WHOLE journey, every part of it as layer after layer continues to be released and NOW my life is filled with loving relationships but, more importantly,I have a love of myself that is unwavering. I am no longer willing to allow toxicity into my life.  If you have brought a Narcissist into your life, as painful as it can be, know that you are on the precipice of GREAT change. Healing is a choice. What are you going to choose? This is YOUR life. Will you choose pain or are you willing to see this experience as gift to move you into a Beautiful Self-Empowered Person? There is a path out of pain and it’s up to you to make it happen.

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Weekly Empowerment Forecast

4/15/2018 – 4/22/2018

Healing from Toxic RelationshipsThe Collective Whole – What is going on

By now you are becoming a bit more comfortable with the ebb and flow of change. As we clear what no longer serves us or what is creating density in our energy field, we can then manage our emotions from a place of Empowerment. Of course, if you find yourself in survival instead of thriving then you can take a step back to shore up where you may be out of balance.

At the beginning of this week you are likely to feel unsure about the future and what you truly want and need as this energy is pushing all of us to go deep within. The April New Moon falls on the 15th-16th in the fire sign of Aries. This is a busy and highly active New Moon that is going to bring some powerful changes, but we are all going to be given some guidance on the changes we can make to bring more harmony and balance into our lives. These changes may require us to step outside of our comfort zone and to break some long-term habits, but you have the support of the universe to guide you through.

Are you willing and strong enough to be truthful to yourself? To take a leap of faith?  Is it worth it to compromise your own truth and wellbeing for safety and security? There is no right answer, but the energy is supporting you in stepping into your truth. As you do, the magic will unfold, and you will be in awe in what shows up for you.

Concentrating on yourself and doing things that bring you joy is also a great way to channel this energy.  While change is definitely in the air, these changes are going to be fuel for growth and will help you to uncover a new part of yourself.

To stay positive and remain balanced through these intense energy shifts, make sure to use your energy clearing tools. This will help you immensely as you make your way through. Energy clearing is the single most effective way to create lasting change and find peace within.

It is my intention to allow what no longer serves my highest and best good to be released with ease and grace. To surrender to the divine to guide my way as I step forward in honoring myself and having the courage to speak my truth with love.

I set my intention to live a harmonious life. To be filled with health and energy that lead me on creative adventures.

Thank you source for your ever-present guidance in my life. Thank you for the discernment to know what is appropriate for me always, and to follow my own intuitive guidance to take the action steps necessary that will align me with my true heart. So be it and so it is.

Until next week!

With a grateful heart,

Lisa xo