Personal Services

Empowerment Circle

Join my Empowerment Circle to find true meaning  in self-love and clear toxic relationships.

Single Session

Book a single session with me when you feel like you are ready to go deep and transform your current situation. You are ready for change!

Activation & Awakening

The Activation and Awakening Program is designed to support your breakthrough. This powerful activation will take you through an energy clearing that will start the release of your outdated programs and limited beliefs.

Bach Flower Remedy Session

A 45 minute session with Lisa to identify the areas of your emotional health you’d like to improve. Lisa prepares a Bach Flower Remedy recipe specific to your needs.

The Divine Union: An Energy Healing Session

Energy is the foundation of who you are. When your energy is aligned with your truth, your life WORKS. Energy management is the deepest and most effective way to shift your life into harmony and joy.

The Healing Green Flame Meditation 

The Emerald Flame Healing tool is a detoxification process for your energy centers called the “chakras.” Your chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “vortex,” and they look like little spinning tornadoes. When they are blocked or damaged, your life force energy cannot properly circulate throughout your body.

Clearing Your Meridian Pathways

The Clearing Your Meridian Pathways activation guides you in taking the Emerald Flame, which is a beautiful, radiating fire of emerald green energy, through your meridian pathways to clear them. The meridian pathways are like clear tubes that run throughout your body. By clearing them, you will be able to release stagnant energy and remove blocks that are preventing the flow of energy.

Healing Fear

The Healing Fear meditation allows you to connect to the Creator of all that is and see a sphere of compassion in front of you. This sphere receives all the energy you want to let go of. 

You will be guided through the process of releasing various forms of fear programs, beliefs, and patterns from your physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body.

Removing Blocks

The Removing Blocks Energy Healing tool sets your intention to remove all limitations and blocks that may be preventing you from seeing clearly into the truth of who you are. You will also be guided through a powerful breathing exercise that will expand your consciousness on the level that you are ready to receive it. Use this energy healing tool as often as you feel drawn to it.

Divine Alignment - I AM

The Divine Alignment meditation aligns you to that which is for your highest good. You will call on the Divine to receive all that you need at the pace and speed that support your growth, in the best possible way. It also helps set your intention to live a joyful and harmonious life and to be provided with all the things you need to experience life in great abundance and to share this abundance with others.

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