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Available on Amazon: Reclaim, The Surprising Gift of Toxic Relationships
RECLAIM The Surprising Gift of Toxic Relationships

This book was written for everyone who has ever been, is now, or may in the future find themselves in a toxic relationship – whether that relationship is in the context of an intimate partnership, a business setting, within a spiritual community, or in a family environment.

True freedom lies in knowing that by virtue of how, when, and on whom you direct the power of your attention, you can generate any experience within yourself that you desire, independent of the people and circumstances around you.

Available on Amazon: Reclaim, The Surprising Gift of Toxic Relationships



“Reclaim is a must-read for anyone enmeshed in an unhealthy relationship, whether at work or at home. Lisa Wilson’s 3-part transformational process shows readers how to recognize where and how they are giving away their power and energy; to restore their inner relationship with themselves, and to make life choices that are consistent with their own unique values, wisdom and desires. I hope to see this essential life skills guide in bookstores everywhere.”


Aspen, CO

“Finally a book that guides us to realize that the most important relationship you can invest our energy in is the one you have with yourself. This is the path to finally shifting negative patterns and create powerful, positive relationships with others.Reclaim  helps you first, see and understand why you have made the choices you’ve made, second, see that who you have been doesn’t need to be who you are and third, gives you powerful (and simple) ways to shift and reclaim your personal power.”


Founder, Go Big Coach

“Reclaim is a masterpiece in writing. Whether you are stuck in confusion and overwhelm trying to get out of this vicious cycle or your experiences were from childhood, Lisa Wilson takes you out of victimhood and into empowerment. In just a couple of pages, you will start to feel whole and complete again, and so protective of your energy and who gets access to it from here forward.”


CEO, The Goddess Rising Society Artist, Life Coach,

“Relationships are the final frontier. I believe their purpose is to guide us back to ourselves; to deeper understanding, and deeper love. But in order to learn, grow and expand, you first must RECLAIM the truth – that love comes from within. In Reclaim, Lisa Wilson provides an inspiring perspective through the lens of her own experience and those of her clients, on how to reveal, restore and RECLAIM the life that you deserve! This book will be a guide to many on the journey back home.”


Former NFL player, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Speaker

“Reclaim, by Lisa Wilson, is a gift to the world. She’s a brilliant example of a women who was born into an abusive family in order to recognize her soul purpose. By refusing to play the victim one more minute, she pulled herself out from under a goliath challenge of narcissistic exploitation from every direction.

Yet Lisa’s commitment to the Divine Spark within, drove her to master the art of self-love, confidence, healthy boundaries and mindfulness. She now excels in her sacred service of guiding others to do the same through this book, her coaching practice and speaking engagements.”


Women’s Empowerment Coach

Available on Amazon: Reclaim, The Surprising Gift of Toxic Relationships
Meet the Author
Lisa J. Wilson, Author

Lisa J. Wilson

Author, Spiritual Counselor,
Unity Breath Facilitator,
Transformational Life Coach

Lisa Wilson has devoted the last 25 years of her life to the understanding and application of energy healing, and has studied everything from Shamanism and soul retrieval to rewiring outdated programs and limited beliefs.   She has a full-time practice as a Transformational Coach, and is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Unity Breath Facilitator.

As the founder of Radically Authentic YOU and the host of the Radically Authentic You podcast, Lisa has guided hundreds of women and men to reclaim their personal power, restore their physical, emotional, and psychic energies, re-establish their values and boundaries, and become spiritually centered in their own lives.

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Lisa J. Wilson, Author, Reclaim, The Surprising Gift of Toxic Relationships